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Departing from the norm.

In moments when our lives derail from the norm, do we desperately try to get back on track or do we sit back and enjoy the ride?

Are we too complacent with routine and habits that we become fearful of the unknown, which could be full of wondrous things for all we know?

I have the utmost desire to find out. I refuse to be complacent like some of the folks I know. They ooze negative vibes and I refuse to be part of that. Yet, the more I try to depart from the norm, the more I find myself back to square one. It's like a vicious cycle that refuses to break. I'm inevitably pulled back, and often against my will.

I sense the mockery from those complacent beings: "No matter how you try, it's useless. You're no better than any of us. Join us, relish in the familiar."

NO! Never!

Please do not plant seeds of doubt in me.

I will be different and I shall prove it someday. Even if that day never arrives, at least I know I had tried. The result isn't as important as the process of getting there.

Meanwhile, I shall just sit back and enjoy the ride into the unknown.



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Dec. 3rd, 2008 11:33 am (UTC)
Never Try you Never Know........
My Friend....

If you never try you never know....?

If the wright brothers never dreamt of flight.... we would still be earth bound.....

If Steve Jobbs never dreamt of the computers.... we would never have apple and Ipods.....

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