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Super Natural, the current resident band at Victoria Arms, is one of the hottest live units to come to our fair city in recent months. Combining different musical styles with raw and energetic performance, the band is sure to make you move and groove! Yours Truly shares with you her recent privilege of speaking to Zureen, lead vocalist and senior member, about the band.

By Antonia Chiam, freelance writer
Photo courtesy of Super Natural

The beginning
A seven-piece live band from Johor Bahru, Super Natural derives their diverse sounds from the latest chart-topping hits to all-time favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s. This band is fronted by the dazzling vocals of Zureen and Mazlina, two highly vibrant female vocalists. The musical talents of Alan and Along (keyboards), Nuar (bass), Lan (guitar) and Nas (drums) complete the lineup. The band leader is Azlin, their sound engineer who has over 16 years of experience in the music industry.

Azlin founded the band two years ago, when he came across some of the current members playing live in a flea market event. He was very impressed by their talents, and most importantly, their passion and showmanship in their music.

Zureen said of the members, “Most people think that it’s the frontline, or the vocalist, of a band who does the movements and interaction. But the boys, they were really into their music and that was what Azlin was looking for. He wants all the band members to actively play their parts on stage. So he gathered the boys as part of the team and that is how Super Natural started.”

On the origin of the band’s name, Zureen stated that it came about from the natural talents of the members. The musicians do not only play their respective instruments well, they can really sing too.

A wide-ranging musical repertoire
Super Natural’s live performances showcase an incredible range of styles and sounds. The band performs songs that almost span the entire musical spectrum, including rock, ballad, R&B, Latin, reggae and dance. They mostly perform in English and Malay, but depending on request and the crowd, they can also perform selected numbers in Mandarin, Cantonese, Indonesian, Japanese and Spanish.

“Sometimes, we need to see the types of patrons. Some may not instantly warm up to our music, so depending on their background, let’s say if they’re Chinese, we might sing a Chinese number to break the ice,” shared Zureen.

Having heard the band performed a Cantonese number by Beyond once, Yours Truly is very convinced by the band’s linguistic skills as well as musical talents.

“We haven’t had anything in Tamil yet,” Zureen added with a laugh.

During performances, the band members have long cables for their mics and instruments to allow them a liberal movement around the stage and below so that they can better interact with the patrons. The band is noted for a charismatic and often fun approach in engaging the audience into their show.

The Cat City experience
Zureen finds the crowd in Kuching has changed much since the last time she came to here. According to her, the crowd used to be of an older age group a few years ago, but now there are more youngsters coming to their shows. “It’s mostly a mixed-age group now, and that’s good. I like it,” she said.

She thinks the people here have really high expectations of songs and have different taste in music compare to the Johorean crowds, which tend to request more Malay and dangdut numbers. However, she thinks it is a good challenge for the band to be versatile with the different crowds and at the same time, to perform up to standard.

When asked on what they think of Kuching, she declared with enthusiasm, “We love it here! It’s a first-time trip for some of the members. The people here are really friendly, and it’s why we want to come here. We would love to come back here again. It’s one of our favourite places now.”

The band is here until end of the year.

Plans for the future
In a time where bands, signed or unsigned, are actively promoting their stuff on Cyberspace, Zureen revealed the possibility of a plan to launch a blog for the band. This allows them to put up their profile and musical portfolio and to keep their fans updated about the band’s activities.

The band also hopes to widely tour the country.

“I’m hoping that one day the whole of Malaysia will get to see Super Natural perform live. These boys are talented, they are really good musicians,” Zureen concluded positively.

Young, talented, energetic with a good sense of humor. That’s how naturally good they are. Treat yourself to live music that wows your aural and visual senses. Make sure you catch Super Natural live every night from Mondays to Saturdays at Victoria Arms, Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites. Having seen them a couple of times, Yours Truly dare to say that you will not be disappointed!

*Special thanks to Grace Balan-Law, PR Manager of Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites.

This article was exclusively posted at Catscity.com.my, my fave local forum/site.


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