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Random mp3s

Via Dolorosa download
Artiste: abingdon boys school
Album: self-titled album (2007)
Language: Japanese
Genre: Rock
Comment: "Way of Sorrow" could easily be a.b.s at their best. Poignant at first, and the pace starts picking up with strong guitar riffs.

Na Ga Ja download
Artiste: Krypteria
Album: Evolution Principle EP (2007)
Language: Korean
Genre: Metal
Comment: Krypteria is actually a German gothic metal band. The vocalist, Ji-in Cho, is a second-generation Korean. This is their one and only Korean song, dedicated to the "Reds", S.Korea's national soccer team.

I Walk Alone download
Artiste: Tarja Turunen
Album: My Winter Storm (2007)
Language: English
Genre: Gothic / Symphonic Metal
Comment: I really love her operatic voice. Nightwish just ain't the same without her nowadays.


Vampire Knight update

Just a quick one about the anime, coming in April.

The theme songs have been decided, and they are as follows:

Opening - ふたつの鼓動と赤い罪 by ON/OFF *Watch: http://www.vampire-knight.jp/special.html

Ending - still doll by 分島花音 (Wakeshima Kanon) .... produced by.. MANA!!

:O Woooo~!~

SOOOOOO looking forward to this series!!!



You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.


Human-less world..

Imagine a world without humans? A world without us?

Abstract from a review in The Korea Times:

    Plastic garbage is one of the biggest environmental problems today. The disturbing part is, even if humans stop existing and creating plastic, the plastic will still remain, but until when, no one knows.

    Experts say every bit of plastic that has been manufactured in the world for the last 50 years, except those that have been incinerated, still remains. Over a half-century, total plastic production surpassed 1 billion tons.

    ``Today's amount of plastic will take hundreds of thousands of years to consume, but eventually it will all biodegrade,'' the book quoted Dr. Anthony Andrady, a senior research scientist at Research Triangle.

    Sometimes, it is not even about the big things that people should be worried about, but the little things. It was surprising to find out many exfoliating scrubs that are so popular among women today, is a source of non-biodegradable polymer granules. These tiny plastic bits end up in the sea, eaten by birds, fish, other sea creatures, and eventually cause their death.

    The real danger lies in the petrochemical and nuclear plants around the world. Weisman noted the petrochemical plants, described as ``ticking time bombs,'' will start breaking down once humans are no longer there to run the machines.

    Even more disturbing is the fate of 441 nuclear plants operating on Earth. If every human were to disappear on Earth, Weisman noted that nuclear plants would briefly run on autopilot until each one overheated and spilled radioactive waste into the air and water. This would be like the Chernobyl nuclear disaster all over again, except multiplied 441 times.

    Would anything man made last the next few thousands, or even millions, of years? Experts interviewed by Weisman said the Chunnel, the enormous undersea tunnel connecting France and England; bronze and plastic are likely to survive thousands, if not millions of years.

Get your copy from Amazon.com. I'm planning to, although finance (or the lack thereof) is a current impediment. ^^;;


Election fever...

Malaysia needs a strong Opposition
by Michael Backman

SHOULD Malaysians bother to vote? The corollary of this question is: does the Malaysian Government deserve to
be re-elected? The answer to the second question is no.

In the past few years, the Malaysian Government has presided over an extraordinary number of scandals that are
appalling by any standards: the trade minister's allocation of car import permits to friends, relatives and supporters;
the billion-dollar fraud at the Port Klang Free Trade Zone; the outrageous and much-flaunted wealth of ruling party
politician Zakaria Md Deros; the claims that a High Court judge allowed the lawyer representing a rich businessman
to write for him his judgement in a defamation lawsuit; an immensely rich chief minister in Sarawak state who is
allowed to rule as if it were his; and so on.

The Malaysian Government richly deserves to pay for all of this at the ballot box.

So the next question is: should the Malaysian Opposition be elected to office? Again, the answer is no.

The Opposition is a shambolic assortment of the disaffected rather than a competent, alternative government. In
no way is it ready to govern.

All these questions are pertinent because Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has called elections for March 8.

Elections are fought tenaciously in Malaysia as if the South-East Asian country is a fully fledged democracy. But it
isn't. It is democratic in that elections are held, but they are not fair. The ruling coalition has been in power in one
form or another since independence 50 years ago. One reason for this longevity is that there are legal and
institutional biases that favour the Government.

Malaysian electorates are severely malapportioned. The smallest electorates are rural; the largest are
metropolitan. The largest have about six times the number of registered voters as the smallest. This means that
the votes of those in the smallest seats count for many times those in the larger seats.

This sort of bias meant, for example, that in the last general elections held in 2004, the ruling coalition won 198 or
91% of the parliamentary seats with just 64% of the votes cast. The Opposition won only 21 seats or 9.6% of the
seats compared with 36% of the popular vote.

Had the Parliament reflected voters' actual voting intentions, there would have been 79 rather than 21 Opposition
members elected.

Outright fraud is another way in which Malaysians are cheated when they vote. Tens of thousands of dead people
are believed to have voted in the 2004 elections. Exit polling is difficult, but it is assumed that these voters
overwhelmingly favoured the Government. Credit must be given when it is due — the Government did eventually
remove hundreds of thousands of deceased voters from the electoral roles. But the damage had been done.

Also at the last elections, thousands of Malaysians who turned up on polling day found that the electorates in which
they were registered had been changed without their permission or knowledge. Thousands of voters were shifted
into Opposition-held or marginal electorates. Absurdly, even family members living in the same house discovered
that they had been registered in different electorates. Most Malaysians do vote for the ruling coalition, so the effect
of this was to swamp the votes for the Opposition.

Multiple voting is another problem. Indelible ink is used to mark voters when they vote, but it is not compulsory.

Next month's election is being held a year early. Why? One reason is because Anwar Ibrahim, who was deputy
prime minister until he was charged and convicted of corruption and sodomy in the late 1990s, will only be eligible
to stand for election after April 8 because of the convictions. The sodomy convictions were overturned because of
uncertainty about the dates on which the alleged acts were supposed to have occurred, but the corruption verdict

Anwar is unfit to hold public office, regardless of the Government's manoeuvring against him. The sodomy issue is
irrelevant. The serious charges against him are the corruption charges, which relate to Anwar asking the police to
heavy two witnesses into withdrawing their statements against him. On this, Anwar was convicted with irrefutable

That the deputy prime minister of any country should do such a thing is unforgivable and yet Anwar has his
backers, mostly in the Western media.

Most Malaysians found his criticisms of their Government shortly after he was removed from office to be
transparently opportunistic, given that he had been a senior minister in the Government for 15 years. But while
Anwar is more popular outside Malaysia than inside, he is still a rallying figure for the discontented.

So what should Malaysians do? Firstly, in a country where voting is not compulsory, they should vote. There's no
point complaining on internet blogs but not bothering to vote.

Given the Opposition's unpreparedness to govern, the Malaysian Government is best returned. But it does
deserve a good, hard kick. Even more, it needs a significant and strong Opposition to help it govern better. It
needs greater accountability and scrutiny, which a strong Opposition in Parliament will help provide. That is what
good governments everywhere have and need.

Of course, tiny Singapore is an exception but Singapore is a country in name only. The reality is that the Singapore
Government is a glorified city council.

Malaysia, on the other hand, is a diverse and complex country that wants to be modern. It needs to be governed
like one.

The Age (Feb 27, 2008)

Other related article of interest:
With this cash I thee wed: here comes the bribe (The Age; June 20, 2007)


JLPT2級に不合格でした!!! *cries*

Flunked.... by 15 points!! 225 / 400 !!!!!

I expected NOT to do well.... but I thought I could have flunked lower than that! Eeeek..

聴解・文法 killed me. Scored OK in 聴解, surprisingly.


My thoughts on L: Change the World

Frankly, I have mixed reactions to this movie.

Firstly, I was sooo excited when I first heard that there's gonna be an L Movie. What I heard was it was gonna be a spin-off based on Nisio Isin's novel, titled "Death Note: Another Note", which covers events that take place before the actual Death Note story.

Sooo.. I was kinda of surprised, if not a little disappointed, when the movie L: Change the World came out. With a totally original plot. A rather cheesy plot, I might add. C'mon, don't you think the killer virus plot is waaay overused in cinemas nowadays?

However, after actually watching it, it's better than I had expected. Matsuyama Ken'ichi of course done wonders to his role as the endearing L. It's interesting to see L in action-packed scenes, kinda comical in some ways.

The story takes place within the last 23 days of L's life, which was predetermined after he wrote his own name in the note to trap Light Yagami (Death Note: The Last Name).

What I have to nitpick about this movie is again.. where are Near and Mello?? Hello, such key figures in the manga, and never any airtime in the movies?!?! Heck.

I really had wanted to see the live action of Nisio Isin's novel. It should be interesting to see L in the FBI as well as see more of Naomi Misora and Ray Pember. I wanna see more, not the little snippet fed to us in this movie.

Ah well. I guess this movie is just to satisfy rabid fans who couldn't get enough of the slouching, candy-lovin' Detective L. Haha. Me included, apparently.

Another thing. The use of initials as character names is overrated in this movie.

I'll give this movie a rating of 3.5 / 5 and I'd still say, GO WATCH IT~! ^_^

L's quote at the end: "No matter how gifted you are, you can't change the world by yourself".

L: Change the World


Just sharing the movie poster. 

Official site: http://wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/L-movie/  


MP3 Rotation

Haitoku no Hana download
Artiste: Yousei Teikoku
Album: Metanoia (2007)
Language: Japanese
Genre: Gothic
Comment: A female-fronted J-Gothic band, or actually a duo. Singer Fairy Yui has got a rather high-pitched voice but it blends in with their music well. This song is more of haunting rock number and my fave off this album.

STORM download
Artiste: Tamaki Nami
Album: Luna Sea Memorial Cover Album -Re:birth- (2007)
Language: Japanese
Genre: Rock
Comment: What can I say? Tamaki did a great version of this song! If you still don't know who she is, she sang "Brightdown", one of the theme songs off D.Gray-man anime.

Itamyon.. download
Artiste: Missing Lucille
Album: self-titled 1st single (2007)
Language: Korean
Genre: Indie Rock
Comment: A new band that I was recently introduced to. Don't know much about them, but their stuff is pretty typical K-indie.

Irony download
Artiste: Seriously
Album: self-titled EP (2007)
Language: English
Genre: Punk Rock
Comment: This indie band consists of a Vietnamese American vocalist and three other Korean American members, all from California. They're apparently making waves in the Asian American music scene. I think they've got potential, judging from this release.


Lost hope...

I.. I think I blew it somewhere along the way.

Was it something that I've said?

random music intro

Artiste: Susie Suh
Album: self-titled
Year released: 2005
Genre: Folk rock

With a mix of folksy ballads and soft rock numbers, Korean American singer/songwriter Susie Suh prepares to take listeners on an emotional journey with her self-titled debut album. This 28-year-old Los Angeles native is often compared to the likes of Fiona Apple and Sarah McLachlan. Her deep sultry voice gives her songs just the right vibe and essence. Sung with a world-weary outlook and dark emotions, the songs are lyrically captivating as well. A few of her songs were featured on the TV series, "One Tree Hill".

Track Listing:
"Won't You Come Again"
"Your Battlefield" [download]
"Seasons Change"
"Light on My Shoulder"
"Petrified to Be God-Like"
"All I Want" [download]

Official site: http://www.susiesuh.com

Susie Suh is one of my favourite Asian American singer-songwriters. I watch "One Tree Hill" just to catch the insert songs by her. I'm hoping she'd release her 2nd album soon. It's been way too long since her debut.

**This little review is cross-posted everywhere.

Fire burnt Korean pride

Police Inconclusive on Cause of Fire

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter

Police said Monday they are investigating whether arson resulted in the fire at Namdaemun, the oldest wooden structure in central Seoul, although they are not ruling out a short circuit or other accidental causes.

Fire engulfed the capital's 610-year-old iconic gate late Sunday and gutted the wooden section despite a five-hour battle to put out the blaze. A police forensic team began sifting through the debris at the site, which was surrounded by scaffolding and a screen, Monday.

``I think a more accurate report can be only made after a close joint investigation,'' Kim Young-soo, chief of Namdaemun Police Station, said in a press conference. ``We are now investigating the possibility of arson, a short circuit or accidental origins.''

Initially, arson appeared to be the cause of the fire after a taxi driver reported that he saw a man in his 50s go up the stairs to the gate shortly before the blaze started.

But Kim said the taxi driver's report differed from those of two other eyewitnesses in crucial factors, resulting in the police being unable to conclude that the fire was set by the man the taxi driver described.

``Three witnesses have made conflicting statements,'' Kim said.

Separately, a firefighter said that a member of his squad found two cigarette lighters on the second floor of the gate, also raising the possibility of arson.

``I've heard that there were two cigarette lighters on the central stairway on the second floor,'' Oh Yong-kyu, a firefighter told reporters. ``The fire seems to have broken out at the point where the lighters were left.''

But police said the lighters were found on the first floor.

Police have unable to secure concrete evidence from closed circuit televisions (CCTVs) installed around the gate, and have collected recordings from other surveillance cameras on nearby buildings.

Just three minutes before the fire, private security company KT Telecom captured an intruder on its CCTV. Six minutes after the alarm bell rang, KT guards arrived on the scene, three minutes before firefighters began to battle the blaze.

The collapse of the `pride of the nation' has hurt all Koreans, according to a Seoul resident on the scene, who said it was terrible this tragic collapse happened on the first weekday of the Lunar New Year, and ahead of the inauguration of the Lee Myung-bak administration.

Mournful residents snapped photos of the charred ruin, lamenting over the collapse of one of Seoul's major tourist attractions.

The blaze comes less than three years after fire destroyed one of the country's oldest Buddhist temples, Naksan Temple, along with its bronze bell.

The accident will deal a severe blow to the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) and Seoul Metropolitan Fire and Disaster Management Department (SMFDMD) due to reported ineffective initial measures.

About 30 fire trucks along with 90 firefighters were mobilized to the scene but could not immediately bring the fire under control for fear of damaging the national treasure.

``We had difficulty in dismantling tiles and they were all inclined, so we couldn't put out the fire in its initial stages,'' SMFDMD head Jung Jung-gi told reporters Monday in a briefing.

Different from other buildings, the complicated and delicate structure of the gate made the work much harder, Jung said.

But the cultural administration and disaster management department denied allegations that there was the lack of cooperation between the two core bodies.

Officially called Sungnyemun, the gate is one of the four gates of the walls that surrounded the capital during the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). It has served as an iconic landmark, and was designated as National Treasure No.1 in 1962.

The gate survived a series of Korea's tribulations from the Japanese invasions in the 16th century to the 1950-53 Korean War. Even in modern times when repair efforts on artifacts became commonplace, the historic gate kept most of its original form after it underwent post-war renovation in 1962.

Source: Hankook Ilbo English (11/02/2008)

I'm shocked, to say the least, when I've heard that Namdaemun got burnt down yesterday!

Such a beautiful landmark in Seoul!

Surely they can rebuild it again. :/


Strange feelings indeed

As the Year of the Boar draws to an end, strange feelings are surfacing. Undescribable feelings of anticipation, dread and glee, all in one. Not to mention a heart-wrenching kind of nostalgia.

Let's hope the Ratty Year brings better tidings.


Mood swings

Having crazy mood swings. Blaming it on the weather and the cough medicine that I was on.

However, nothing can stop be from feeling EXTREMELY CHIPPER as I've just gotten hold of Luna Sea's Memorial Cover album! I know it's not them, but gotta love the songs covered!! ^____^

Now all I want is the DVD for their 24.12.2007 concert!! Hehehe.


Going with the flow

I have the feeling of being swept along by the tides of change, and I'm just going with the flow. Time will tell what kind of shore I'd get washed up on.

An exhilarating feel to it, but can't help feeling a little scared at the same time.

2008 movies to look forward to

I'm looking forward to these movies:

Sweeney Todd (It's not out here yet!!)

Spiderwick Chronicles (based on a children's book series)

The Duchess (starring Keira Knightley as the scandalous duchess)

The Other Boleyn Girl (based on the novel of the same name by Philippa Gregory, starring Eric Bana, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman)

Tales of Two Sisters (yes, the Hollywood remake of the Korean horror film. I wouldn't say I look forward to this one, but I'm curious as to how it goes)


"Pureblood" no more..

Why Korea Should Embrace Multi-Culturalism

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination recommended on Aug. 17 that South Korea acknowledge it is now a multiethnic society and make laws against racial discrimination. UNCERD said unrealistic emphasis on and excessive pride in the ethnic homogeneity of Korea is no longer in the national interest. The recommendation was important news and marked a watershed in Korean society.

The Chosun Ilbo spoke via phone and e-mail to Anwar Kemal, the expert who served as country rapporteur for South Korea. He said Korea should avoid using racially discriminatory expressions like “pure blood” and “mixed blood.” The Pakistani diplomat was appointed to the four-year term of rapporteur this year.

- Why did UNCERD urge Korea to legislate laws against racial discrimination several times in the report?

We recognize Korea’s efforts to eliminate racial discrimination, but more is needed. We want Korea to legislate an anti-racial discrimination law in line with the UN standard. The Korean parliament should define what racial discrimination is: that is the first thing to do to eliminate discrimination against alien workers, foreign spouses of Korean people and children from multi-ethnic families. The Korean Constitution doesn’t ban racial discrimination in detail.

- How is South Korea doing compared to other countries?

Korea has achieved amazing economic growth for the past 40 years. However, it has not opened itself to foreign workers sufficiently compared to developed countries like the U.S., Germany and Britain. Among developed countries, Sweden is the country that has made the most remarkable achievement in removing racial discrimination. A female immigrant from Burundi, Nyamko Sabuni, is the minister for integration and gender equality in Sweden.

- Koreans have identified themselves with the nation for a long time. In Korea, nationalism was a means for promoting social integration and resisting foreign invasions.

I know. But now Korea is an industrialized country. It is not a weak country facing threats from foreign forces. Also, nationalism in this day and age is not based on ethnic homogeneity. Take the example of Brazil and the U.S. They are multi-racial countries. But their people are very patriotic.

- Why is it so important to avoid using discriminatory expressions like “pure blood” and “mixed blood”?

Many people find them insulting and those expressions are not scientific. A DNA research leader like Korea shouldn’t use such expressions. All people’s blood is the same.

- Is it inevitable for Korea to become a multi-racial society?

Korea has the world’s lowest birthrate. It will see its population drastically decrease 10-20 years from now. The number of money earners will decrease, and instead the number of pension recipients and retirees will increase. Korea is already suffering from a serious shortage of manual workers. The nation’s economy will be hit hard by the lack of labor forces unless it accepts immigrant workers.

- Which one is better, assimilating foreign workers for social integration or respecting their culture and accepting the coexistence of heterogeneous cultures?

All foreign workers should be encouraged to learn Korean. They also need to have an orientation about Korean culture, labor ethics and etiquette. But it is unwise to keep them from preserving their own culture. It does no harm when foreign workers preserve their culture. Rather, it can help social stability.

Source: Chosun Ilbo (11/12/2007)

Well, I just came across this article, amidst the controversial survey by Chosun that foreigners living in Korea find some Koreans to be 'rude' generally, by international standards. That's just because of some Koreans who do not understand or respect other people who are different from them.

Times are changing. Imagine, 1 million foreigners! That's quite a milestone really, for a country that prides and insists itself to be still homogenuous. Haha~


Lamp for the gothlolis!

I was rummaging through some back issues of Gothic Lolita Bibles when I came across this DIY tip in Volume 6. Turn your room into a gothloli room! with this fabulously gothic lamp!

All you need is a table lamp, some lace and gauze, artificial roses and satin ribbon! Oh yeah, you could always add in a watch, as shown in the picture. Or a small clock, if you could think of where to place it among the extensive decorations. So it becomes a lamp-cum-clock! How cool is that??

Everything else is up to your imagination and creativity!

I have yet to try it.. hehe.

Talking about the GLBs, I haven’t bought any since Volume 21. Personally, I find the articles getting boring in recent issues, and the fashion features from the well-known labels look similar from issue to issue. Gothic Lolita fashion is also becoming too cliché and popular among teenyboppers, for all the wrong reasons. Bleh.

ALSO, I HATE HOW IGNORANT ONLOOKERS LABEL COSPLAYERS DRESSING UP AS GOTH LOLIS AS “GOTH LOLIS”!! ‘CAUSE.. THEY’RE NOT!! Most of these PSEUDO-Lolis are pretty ignorant about the fashion and subculture themselves. They thought Gothic Lolita fashion is mostly Maid fashion. They have never even heard of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. How UN-Loli is that?? Pfft!

Entre chien et loup..

I've just finished watching K-drama 개와 늑대의 시간 (Gae wa Neukdae eui Shigan, The Hour between Dog and Wolf), starring Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi. It's Jun Ki's first lead drama role, and boy, he's so cool as a tough secret service agent!! Something totally different from his renowned role as the effeminate Gonggil. Hehe~

And because I couldn't resist...

The title of the series is from a French phrase, l'heure entre chien et loup, the hour between dog and wolf. It refers to the time of a day when it turns grey, not quite night yet but no longer daytime. Somewhere in between. In other words, it refers to TWILIGHT. A moment where there is not enough light and it is difficult to distinguish the form of a dog from a wolf and vice versa.

In the drama, it refers to the time when it's hard to distinguish between friend and foe, as reflected in the relationship between Jun Ki's character, the character's best buddy/foster brother (played by Jung Kyung Ho) and the childhood sweetheart (played by Nam Sang Mi).

This reminds me of Hour of the Wolf (or in Swedish, Vargtimmen), the late Ingmar Bergman's only horror movie. "Hour of the wolf" in Swedish belief is the hour between night and dawn, the time when most people die. It is also an hour when nightmares are most palpable and demons at their most powerful.

Hmm.. I'm so random.


Vampire Knight... animated version!

In the January 2008 issue of LaLa (released on Nov 24), a monthly magazine for shoujo manga fans, it is announced that Vampire Knight will be made into an anime. Details of cast/staff/studio is not mentioned yet.

Woo hoo!!

It's gonna exciting! Full color characters = GORGEOUS!! :P~~~~

I hope the anime wouldn't deviate too much from the manga, as the manga is still ongoing. I hate it when TV/live version of ANY book changes the plot substantially. Fillers, never mind, but not total deviation!! That's just BLAH.

Definitely something to look forward to next year!

*dances around*


Random music selections

Without U : download
Artiste: Biuret
Album: Be Full of Spirit, Beautiful Violet (May 2007)
Language: Korean
Genre: Rock
Comment: A female-fronted rock band that is highly active in the indie scene. This is their first studio album.

It's Okay : download
Artiste: Nell
Album: Let's Take a Walk (June 2007)
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop Rock
Comment: Nell in their usual mellow rock. The boys have been busy in recent years, releasing an album every year since 2005. This song is a new one from them off this re-arranged album.

Antoinette Blue : download
Artiste: Kitade Nana
Album: Antoinette Blue single (September 2007)
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop Rock
Comment: I love Kitade Nana! She's my new gothic queen of pop rock and lolita fashion, replacing Kana. 'Cause she doesn't sound like a dying cat. This song is one of the ending themes for my current obsession, D.Gray-man!

Nemureru Mori : download
Artiste: Plastic Tree
Album: Nega to Posi (June 2007)
Language: Japanese
Genre: Visual Kei
Comment: It's typical PlaTree. 'Nuff said.

Sophia : download
Artiste: The Crüxshadows
Album: DreamCypher (January 2007)
Language: English
Genre: Gothic / EBM
Comment: This is one of the best albums I've heard this year! I love Rogue's voice!! *die-hard fan*

Generation Ex : download
Artiste: Kent
Album: Tillbaka till Samtiden (October 2007)
Language: Swedish
Genre: Rock
Comment: They are obviously experimenting with different music styles in this album. This song is my favorite, a melodic piece supported by an unknown female vocal.


The Tarot Cafe

This is totally random, but.. I didn't know that this manhwa series is still ongoing! o_O;;

I thought it was like CLAMP's X. Stopped indefinitely (at volume 5).

Apparently the 7th volume has been out in Korea for some time. Tokyopop has got the translation up to date too!



Versailles - Lyrical Sympathy (mini-album)

Track Listing :

02 The Love from a Dead Orchestra
03 Shout & Bites
04 Beast of Desire
05 Forbidden Gate
06 The Red Carpet Day
07 Sympathia

Download via [ Rapidshare ]

This mini-album, which was released on Oct 31, sounds very much HIZAKI than Kamijo. Not a bad thing; I'm only pointing that out 'cause I'm more of a Kamijo fan than Hizaki's. :x

My fave tracks are 05 and 07.

Eye candy:



It seems like I'm more often found on Facebook than LJ lately. :P

Actually, I'm on a semi-hiatus. Busy watching D.Gray-man and cramming for JLPT. Ugh to the latter.

Will properly update when I've got the inspiration. LOL.

Eve 8th??

Why was I not aware of Eve's new album released in early Sept??

AND.. WHY was I not aware that once again Kim Se Heon managed to reshuffle his band line up and replaced the old members with two totally new ones, including one female bassist??


I'm slow.

AAAAAHHH... but whatever! I WANT THIS ALBUM!!


Official Site

Any Tim Burton movie is always never to be missed!

Most importantly... it's JOHNNY DEPP!!! <3

Something to look forward to at the end of the year~~ ^______^



The WTF-ness of the week..


Yet another film adaptation of children's book series in the fantasy genre. It is adapted from the second volume of Susan Cooper's five-book The Dark is Rising series, which tells of the struggle between good and evil, with a rather Arthurian feel.

I have never read her books, honestly speaking.

Check out the official site: Click!


NANA 2 - Afterthoughts

I have just finished watching this movie.

After all the hype about the NANA movies, I just have to say the story concluded poorly. Never mind the fact that NANA 2 had got half its original cast replaced. It just left me with very little impression, plot-wise.

The first movie was good. I would say Miyazaki Aoi portrayed Komatsu Nana's innocence and cuteness much much much better than Ichikawa Yui. Ichikawa made Hachi annoying. I couldn't stand her. She cried and whined too much.

Honjou Ren, as acted by Kyou Nobuo this time, is as wooden as .. as.. a wood! Ren's supposed to be a character that oozes charisma and sexiness, which was successfully depicted by Matsuda Ryuhei. IMO. But I'm sure most people would agree, no?

And don't even get me started on the kid they replaced Matsuyama Ken'ichi with. What's his name again? The guy who was in Prince of Tennis. Hongo Kanata? GEEEZ. He is seriously NOT Shin-like. He's like an annoying brat too! I can't even explain it in proper words!

*dramatic sigh*

The only character that remains endearing is Yasu. ^^

I'll not go into the plot itself. You just have to watch it to judge for yourself.

Despite my earlier enthusiasm about getting the original DVD with its goodies, I didn't buy it and I'm glad I didn't! Instead, I got a bootleg version off a peddling Chinawoman. Shhh. ^_~

Hmm.. Something else just crossed my mind. It's somewhat unrelated but still Yazawa Ai..Wouldn't it be cool to have a live-action series of Paradise Kiss?? I wonder who would be casted as Georgeeeee~ Hehehe..



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