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美齡アントニア // 미령
3 December 1981
This journal contains friends-only posts, so too bad for you if you can't see them. This journal is also very much Japan- and Korea-oriented in its open topics, with the focus on language, culture, literature and pop media. Fear not, very minimal display of fangirlism.

You may add me to your friend list, but I may or may not add you back. It depends on how well I know you and/or on the things we have in common.

My Reading List (Non-LJ friends):
Albert Chiang
Beno Hwang
Chris Chin
Rowen Ong
Steve Chen

and some others who do not wish to be listed.

Other readings (Languages, Linguistics & TESL related blogs):
Language Hat
Polyglot Conspiracy
EFL Geek: ESL & EFL in Korea
EFL in Japan

Memorable quotes from Villiers de L'isle Adam's AXEL.

Know once and for all that there is no world for you beyond the very concept reflected in the depths of your thoughts.... If you want to possess the world, create it! - Master Janus to Axel, Part III, Scene 1.

What are we, in the past itself? some illusion of our desire. - Axel to Sara, Part IV, Scene 4.

The earth is swollen like a brilliant bubble with misery and deceit and, being the daughter of primaeval chaos, bursts at the least breath of those who come near! - Axel to Sara, Part IV, Scene 5.

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